Installing and Setting up JIRA QA Bot

  1. Install JIRA Bot from the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Press the Get Started button to access the config page and verify your slack team's slack domain.
  3. Click the Add to Slack button that appears after saving slack URL.
  4. Once the bot is added to your team, type setup and the slack bot will ask to verify your jira domain.
  5. You're all set up!.

Using JIRA QA Bot

  1. Invite the bot to any channel to easily create issues.
  2. You can say things like create issue for project JBTS where JBTS is the project key.

Example Commands

All commands must be directly communicated to the bot, either using a mention in a channel or any message in a private convo.

@qa_bot setup

This is the first command you use to setup the jira bot. Currently we are using basic auth so the bot will ask for your username and password as well as your jira server domain.

@qa_bot set default project JBTS

You can optionally set a defaults for a channel like: project, issue type, or priority. So if you dont specify a project in the request it will default to this project. These defaults are saved on a per channel level so you can set multiple defaults for different projects.

@qa_bot the app crashes at launch

This command is the basic issue creation. You can use natural language to report issues you need to create. The bot uses machine learning so the more the bot is used -- the more the bot will learn.

@qa_bot create a new ticket for JBTS

This command instructs the bot to create a new ticket for project JBTS.
Other example create tickets requests:

@qa_bot the app JBTS crashes when I open it.
@qa_bot create a new issue for JBTS with a high priority
@qa_bot create a new feature for JBTS add splash page
@qa_bot I found a new bug for JBTS, the friends list page isnt loading correctly.
@qa_bot arrange the friends list by first name alpha sort

@qa_bot assign to michael

This command searches jira for users that can be assigned to the previous issue created with the search name michael.

@qa_bot set issue type to story

This command changes the last issue you created to a story issue type.

@qa_bot set priority to highest

This command changes the priority to highest for the last issue you created.

Version 0.5